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Friday, August 8th at Secret Project Robot - Brooklyn, New York - Kid Millions / Jim Sauter Duo, Plastic Crimewave Sound (Chicago), Ed Askew Band, Tom Carter and Pat Murano


Jim Sauter & Kid Millions
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Kid Millions a.k.a. John Colpitts, perhaps better known as the drummer for Oneida, has also recorded and released several drums-only records under the name Man Forever. He and older/wiser fire-spitting saxist Jim Sauter are also members of the rockist band Scarcity Of Tanks. Here they appear in duo, with no over-arching structures to contend with, and let fly.

Sauter plays his sax amplified, with effects, and thus can often come on somewhat like a guitarist, though there's no mistaking his sound. If you've heard Borbetomagus or his work with Blue Humans, you'll recognize it immediately. Millions' drumming is indeed energetic, a non-stop series of press rolls and low end rumble, which occasionally sticks out when Sauter pauses for breath. When they're both going full-bore, their sounds seem to blend together into a smeared, feedback-laden mass.

I'd be hard-pressed to pick any highlights, but my ears pricked up about a minute into the second track, "Eclipse" when I started hearing some weird, insane bird chirps amid the reeds and feedback. Perhaps some added affect from the melding of electricity, vibrating wood through metal tube and room sonics. Speaking of which, live would probably be the perfect way to hear this music, where proximity would add a slight touch of immediacy and perhaps danger. For now though, there's this artifact, and I for one am all the happier for it. -- review by Jeph Jerman, 2014-01-31

pic by Lisa Corson


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